What will Nozbe's "Game Changer" be?

What will Nozbe’s “Game Changer” be?


as a big fan of Nozbe, I posted a while ago about Nozbe’s impending updates to its iOS and Android applications (which appear to have been delayed, by my calculation) and noted that given I never use the web app I had some reservations about the stated intention to make the desktop and mobile apps more like the web version.

Having seen the beta for the new iPhone app (I haven’t yet scratched together the funds to splash out on an iPad so I can’t comment on that) I have found it relatively intuitive (the usual beta bugs notwithstanding) and the form and functionality that I love has been retained, so I’m much less worried than I was.

“I would love to say: Siri, add a task to Nozbe to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners.”

So I’m excited to see what the finished app will do and what 2013 will bring for the app that I use daily to stay productive.

Imagine then my intrigue when I got an email from Nozbe at Christmas with the following teaser for this year:

[we will] introduce a special Nozbe feature mid-2013 that will be a true game-changer for your productivity (apart from the great apps we already launched!)”

It got me thinking – what would I consider a “game changer”? what would I most like to see introduced into Nozbe? Here are my top three:

  • Siri Integration – I don’t even know if this is possible with Apple architecture, but I would love to say “Siri, add a task to Nozbe to pick my suit up from the dry cleaners.” The embedded voice dictation is a step in the right direction (you can dictate your task in Nozbe rather than type it) but it would be cool to do it straight from the lock screen.
  • Smarter Evernote integration – I thought it was pretty smart that Nozbe allows you to integrate your Evernote account, but I have to say I’ve never been able to get it working. I may need some tuition in how to get tasks and notes linked more effectively, but today I don’t use this feature at all, which is disappointing since Evernote and Nozbe form the foundation of my productivity workflow.
  • Better ‘tickler’ capability – I struggle to implement the ‘tickler’ aspect of GTD in Nozbe. I have a ‘tickler’ context but I have to add dates to those tasks that I want to be reminded about, which flies against the GTD principle that you should ‘only put tasks on your calendar that can only be done on (or by) that date’. I would love to see a reminder functionality, separate from Calendar, that bridges this gap.

What would your “Game Changer Be”? I’d love to know – and you never know…maybe it will make its way into a future version of Nozbe!

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